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Peugeot 308 Dvd Player Navigation

Capacitive touch panel(g+g, support 5 points touch). Peugeot 508 2011 2012 2013 2014. Dvr/rear camera/nfc: Android 6.0.1 without video out. Wifi function,built-in speaker/microphone,support 3g network,support steering wheel control,support can-bus. 2012,2015,2014,2013. Versa brandely. Volkswagen jetta 5. Jpeg,video cd,wma,dvd-r/rw,dvd-ram,mp3,cd. Available color: Color of panel key: (236-226)*126mm. 35*26*20cm. Car dvd player for ford focus. Volkswagen interchangeable toyota ford. Cayman. Microphone interface function: 

700 3.7

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Fortune Tellers

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Gl Mercedes X164

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Topo <"http://fxvmp.tumblr.com/page/13" />

An Xtina fan, addicted to kpop


A footage of penguins “mourning” over their child. Hunched over the perfectly preserved chick, the mother pokes gently at it with her beak to check for signs of life. Instinctively, she nudges it towards her pouch because it’s all she has to offer, but it’s far too late.

In perhaps the most heartbreaking moment of the footage, a female companion trundles over and rests her head on the shoulder of the crumpled mother. It’s not right to anthropomorphise and project emotions onto these animals that we don’t know ar e even there, but it’s pretty surreal how the scene could just as easily be two humans mourning a child. (Source)

Right in the feels. I love penguins so much this breaks my heart :,(

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Shortest Personality Quiz





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And so much truth. :) thanks psych2go. :)

Thanks for taking it! :)

I got ‘down to earth’ :)

(Source: psych2go)

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"I’m an observer. I read about life. I research life. I find a corner in a room and melt into it. I can become invisible. It’s an art, and I am a wonderful practitioner."

-Christine Feehan
(via psych2go)

(Source: psych2go)

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4 Key Differences Between Introversion and Social Anxiety


Being introverted and having social anxiety are two different things. 

1: Introversion is born. Social anxiety is made.

Introversion is a part of your inherent personality—a from-the-womb, dyed-in-the-wool trait. And while those who are socially anxious also carry a genetic predisposition toward it, there’s more than just temperament at play. In an indelicate analogy, genetics loads the gun, but experience pulls the trigger.

Two things happen to make us socially anxious: the first is learning. One way or another, we learn—mistakenly!—that we don’t measure up to scrutiny. We might absorb the worries of a parent who frets about what the neighbors think, internalize the social pressure to be “outgoing” when we’re anything but, or be seared by a social trauma like b ullying. However social anxiety works its way into our brain, we somehow grow to believe at a young age that people will judge us and find us lacking.  

Keep reading

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“Glowing eyes of an alligator at dusk. (Source)


Glowing eyes of an alligator at dusk. (Source)

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It’s crazy


I legit sent ugly duck to wish me a happy birthday since my birthday is in two days and his last snap had a happy birthday to ya song, Idk of it was towards me, but I'ma take it as it is
Can you guys download the snapchat for me plzzzz

I dont know how to do this, but if someone can, that would be really great. :)

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14 Ways a Shy Person Flirts | Reluv



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Wow *~*

Wow *~*

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“The following is Lovers Tree located in Alishan, Taiwan


The following is Lovers Tree located in Alishan, Taiwan

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“There are a bunch of creepy short films/art/games/lists floating around my blog and people have often messaged me asking for where they are. So here is a post organizing those types of content on my blog.
Every time I make another post...


There are a bunch of creepy short films/art/games/lists floating around my blog and people have often messaged me asking for where they are. So here is a post organizing those types of content on my blog.

Every time I make another post about a short film, horror art, game or list it will be updated here. This post can be found on the masterpost tag on my blog. 





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